Mexican Vases / Handmade Vases


Belgica Large - Turquoise



Bombay with Base - Blue & Green Spots


Bombay Amatista with Base - Dark Spots


Bombay with Base Amatista


Bombay with Base - Blue Spots


Bombay with Base - Colorful Spots


Bombay with Base - Gold Touch



Cono - Amatista



Cono - Clear



Cono - Turquoise



Cono - Red



Cylinder - Amatista


Cylinder - Prairie Green



Cylinder with Base - Amatista



Cylinder with Base - Cobalt Blue


Fish Bowl Glass



Glass Bucket - Cobalt Blue



Glass Lantern Clear Base



Lechuga Ambre with Gold Swirls



Lechuga - Clear


Lechuga - Cobalt Blue



Lechuga Cylinder  - Amatista



Lechuga Cylinder  -  Cobalt Blue



Lechuga Cylinder  - Lime Green



Lechuga Cylinder  - Turquoise



Lechuga L with Blue and Green Swirls



Lechuga L - Ambre



Lechuga L - Bright Green



Lechuga L - Cobalt Blue



Lechuga L with Blue Swirls



Lechuga M - Clear



Lechuga M & L -  Amatista



Lechuga  with Blue Swirls



Lechuga L with Gold Swirls



Lechuga with Green & Blue Dots



Lechuga with Green Swirls



Lechuga XL - Amatista



Lechuga XL - Holiday Green



Lechuga XL - Lime Green




Martini Glass - Blue Border



Martini Large Centerpiece - Clear


Martini Medium Centerpiece - Clear


Martini Small - Blue Border



Martini Small - Clear


Triangle Vase Amatista


Triangle Vase - Clear



Triangle Vase - Turquoise


Tulipan Amatista


Tulipan Clear



Tulipan Turquoise

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