Paper Cutter Machine



18"X24" Green Assort Tissue Paper


24"X36" Cover Tissue Paper


24"X36" Rainbow Assort Tissue Paper


24"X36" Tropical Assort Tissue Paper


Flower Sleeve Ding


Flower Sleeve Single, Small, Medium, Large



6" Kwick Cover



 8" Kwick Cover



10" Kwick Cover



Poly Embossed Foil Fuchsia



Poly Embossed Foil Gold



Poly Embossed Foil Green



Poly Embossed Foil Pink



Poly Embossed Foil Red



Poly Embossed Foil Royal Blue



Poly Embossed Foil Silver



Shred Clear 8OZ



Shred Green 8OZ



Shred Pink 8OZ



Shred Purple 8OZ



Shred Yellow 8OZ



Shred Red 8OZ



Tissue Gift Warp Green & Yellow



Tissue Gift Warp Pink & Yellow



Tissue Gift Warp Plum & Turquoise



Tissue Gift Warp White & Red


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